The Benefits

FineSmile iq
Our intelligent and powerful electric toothbrush

The intelligent electric toothbrush is developed to fit your current needs. Most people have somehow sensitive gum, sometimes it is bleeding typically because of gingivitis. It is essential with gentle, but efficient brushing. In other periods of time, we need to brush our teeth in a normal way and maintain our dental health, while other times can call for deep cleansing or whitening, e.g. due to discoloration.
The electric toothbrush from FineSmile is one of its own developed to fit your needs.

equipped with the newest technology

The sonic technology combines highly frequent, smooth movements with pulsing.
In combination, it provides 32.000 vibrations per minute, which is more than what you get with your manual toothbrush in one month.
With help from sonic technology, water, and toothpaste are pushed in between the teeth and the gum line, which can be very difficult for a manual toothbrush to reach
Our intelligent toothbrush gently and effectively cleans the entire mouth, not just the surface of the teeth.


The Danish Dental Association emphasizes that "it is important that the toothbrush is soft and has many close-set bristles. If the toothbrush is too hard, it can cause sores on the gums. It can also cause the gums to recede and the teeth to suffer grinding damage. The head of the toothbrush should not be too large, because it must be able to reach all the way to the back teeth in the mouth, and for some it may be an advantage to use a toothbrush that is narrower at the very tip and can thereby reach further into the back". That is why we have developed a unique narrow brush head that can easily get into even the most difficult corners at the back of the mouth.


The toothbrush is 100% waterproof!
A lot of bacterias lives in a humid toothbrush. Therefor it is important to pour the brush thoroughly after toothbrushing.

Clean it under the tap without worrying about whether it can hold up. We have already been taking care of it, clean it under the tap - no problem!

We have created a small, delicious sleeve - your new best friend, which you can easily bring with you on the go.

Dentists recommend that we brush our teeth for two minutes, but most people brush for less time.
Our toothbrush has a timer and vibrates when you should change the brushing area.