We primarily use UPS for our deliveries, and the price is 5€ on all orders.

You can expect your package to arrive within 1-3 days. When we ship the order, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number. Do not worry, if the system says that the tracking number does not work, as it typically takes 24 hours for the system to update a new delivery. If you have not received your order within 7 days, please contact us, so that we can contact UPS.

Yes, we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Please be aware that most people have to adjust to using an electric toothbrush with sonic technology, because it vibrates instead of rotating. This is precisely what provides superior dental care compared to other electric toothbrushes.

If, contrary to expectations, you would like to return your toothbrush, please send us an email at


Yes, the Finesmile brush is very suitable for the special needs of those, who wear braces or have sensitive gums, and consequently needs a gentle brushing.

Are you occasionally affected by bleeding gums, or are you bothered during brushing, use braces or have implants, then our IQ toothbrush is optimal, as you can set it to match your exact needs. With its 3 settings, the brush can both provide you with gentle care for your teeth and gums, as well as giving you a thorough deep cleaning, depending entirely on YOUR wishes and needs.

The Finesmile toothbrush also has an interval function. Every 30 seconds, you will feel a soft vibration indicating that you need to change the brushing area in your mouth. That way, you can be sure that you will get all the way around your mouth.

Danish dentists recommend that you brush your teeth for 2 minutes, twice a day. Finesmile is equipped with a timer that tells you exactly, when the time has passed. It ensures a thorough and effective brushing, and you avoid unpleasant visits to the dentist, which typically cost far too much money.

When brushing with a regular toothbrush, there is only one brushing method. It is also difficult to know, how long you should brush, and the toothbrush also needs to be replaced after only a few months of use.

The very special thing about the Finesmile toothbrush is that it offers 3 smart brushing functions: Basic for those, who are new users or need gentle brushing and care. Whitening/Polish for you who, with a high vibration frequency, need to remove discolorations and deep cleaning for those, who want a daily deep and thorough cleansing. You can therefore easily choose your personal favorite, and achieve the desired result. The toothbrush moves with 32,000 pleasant but effective rotations per minute, without pressing too hard and damaging your gums.

Yes - basically you can use all our teeth whitening products along with any type of teeth correction, as our products provide mild treatments.

However, we always recommend asking your own dentist if you are unsure whether you can use it.

The FineSmile products are of course CE-approved. In product development, we have endeavored to protect the environment as much as possible, and have consequently developed sustainable products. There is no plastic in the toothbrush, and it can last for years. The brush heads are developed using a recyclable plastic material.

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