Brush Heads FineSmile IQ

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Changes between different brush heads? Not anymore. The brush heads from FineSmile IQ with qualities made to cover all needs and keep your teeth and gum healthy. This model remove up to twenty times more plaque than a normal toothbrush. 
The fine brush hairs secure that your teeth will be cleaned in depth, thorough between your teeth and around the gum. Even plaque that normally would be difficult to remove with a normal toothbrush will be cleaned with these tooth heads, which will lead to fewer teeth issues. 

The Benefits
  • Remove twenty times more plaque*
  • Up to around 100% reduction of discolouration in less than two days**
  • Up to 15 times healthier gum in two weeks***
Compared to a normal tooth brush*

In a laboratory test compared with a normal tooth brush**

Compared with a normal toothbrush within six weeks***