FineSmile IQ

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Get a whiter smile, cleaner teeth and experience our effective sonic technology with our original toothbrush
  • Switch between 3 brush functions
  • 45% smaller than other electric toothbrushes
  • 32.000 micro vibrations per minute
  • Lasts for 6-8 weeks on 1 single charge
  • IPX7 certified - 100% waterproof
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1 x FineSmile IQ toothbrush

2 x FineSmile IQ brush head

1 x Travel case

1 x Induction charger

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Can I use the product, if I have sensitive gums?

Yes, the product will definitely help you. The sonic micro vibrations clean the edges of the gums far better than any ordinary electric toothbrush, so you avoid sore, bleeding gums and gingivitis. A sonic toothbrush is generally gentler on the gums, so you can avoid soreness, bleeding and gingivitis more easily. 

How long does it last?

FineSmile IQ last for 6-8 weeks, on just 1 charge. That is why you never need to take a charger with you, when you go on a trip.

45% smaller
than other electric toothbrushes and 50x more effective

The battery lasts for 6 weeks
and is charged after only 2 hours

Unique sonic technology
get whiter teeth, or your money back


We combine our unique sonic brushing method with 3 individual brushing functions that fulfills meet every need, whether you need a very gentle brushing or a deep cleaning. You choose!


General cleaning, suitable for gentle brushing and sensitive gums


High vibration frequency, which effectively removes discolouration from coffee, tea and tobacco


When you want an extraordinarily effective brushing


All orders have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee

See what the customers are saying


"I have never really liked electronic toothbrushes even though I have tried several different ones, but I can simply not live without this one!
You have to get used to the vibrations instead of rotations - but the functionality is so good!"

- Sophie Wilson



"The way the toothbrush is designed is wonderful. I have got so many comments about how cool it is."

- Anna Smith



"They answered my questions immediately. Marie from FineSmile was so helpful."

- Dan White



"So clean teeth and superb service by Marie from FineSmile. It is the best toothbrush I have ever tried."

- Megan

"I have used the toothbrushes from OBH through all the years, but when I just bought the toothbrush from FineSmile and used it for three days, it is not only different when using it, but when talking about the design, it is both prettier and takes up less space.
I can definitely recommend it!"

- Albert Williams

"I am happy about my toothbrush from FineSmile :-) Clean teeth and now bleeding gum is over, what more can you wish for?"

- Michelle
A revolution in toothbrushes

Often, our costumers experience cleaner and whiter teeth by using their FineSmile IQ toothbrush and its sonic technology.

Researchers are no longer in doubt. The electric toothbrush exceeds traditional ones and prevents as well as reduces plaque (bacterial deposits) and gingivitis more effectively than manual brushing of teeth. A sonic toothbrush differs from other electric toothbrushes, as the head does not rotate, but instead vibrates. It provides a more gentle and effective removal of plaque and bacteria.

When using, we recommend keeping the toothbrush steady on the teeth, while you slowly move it around the mouth. FineSmile IQ has a built-in timer and vibreates, when you need to move it to a new area, so you can receive the best possible brushing of your teeth.


With FineSmile IQ you get the sonic electric toothbrush of the future along with optimal daily dental care.

● Fast charging with the included IQ-charger. 2 hours of charging lasts for 6-8 weeks

● Compact, so you can bring FineSmile IQ with you anywhere

● IPX7 certficed, makes it 100% waterproof and can be rinsed under the tap with water

● Extremely quiet, below 50 db

All orders have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee